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Shoaib Ahmad (Shoby) is a Chartered real estate broker who has been passionate about his work since 2005. Coming from the Building Construction/Civil Engineer sector with more than 30 years experience, he pays a lot of attention to all the details of a real estate transaction and do the Comparative Market Analysis in detail. Businessman and entrepreneur at heart, he explored various real estate projects from the base to the market. His career path has allowed him to develop hands-on experience in all facets of real estate, sometimes as an entrepreneur, then as a real estate owner and ultimately as a real estate broker. His deep understanding of the real estate process realities combines with his professional skills to make him an added value to any transaction.

His calm and analytical personality encourages him to listen to his clients and to understand their needs. It creates a relationship of trust with them. And what's more important than trust when choosing a professional to carry out a transaction as important as buying or selling a property! Shoaib takes the time to take care of his clients and each step of the transaction. For him, every customer is important, and every transaction requires all his attention. Always positive and skilled negotiator, few transactions resist him. The attentive and personalized service that it offers to its customers is worth several references, having the happiness to regularly make more than one transaction with the same person.

For a successful real estate transaction, the secret lies in the competence and professional training of your broker, in the knowledge of its market, in its ability to identify and understand your needs. Shoaib Ahmad (Shoby) is able to offer you all this and more. He practices in the residential, commercial as well as the Revenue properties sector, on the Ville Saint-Laurent, West Island, Laval, Down town as well as whole Montreal and Quebec Province. If you have a real estate project and are looking for an advisor who can help you feel safe, contact Shoaib Ahmad (Shoby) without hesitation!


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The key to solving latent (hidden) defects.

The Integri-T plan is a guarantee offered to buyers and sellers who want peace of mind in the event of latent defects. This unique coverage exclusive to RE/MAX provides financial protection to buyers and sellers in case of a claim.

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